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Retrieval of well being and natural balance of your body using the most relaxing rituals
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Stress Relief
A relaxing massage of the back and of the legs which restores the natural balance of the body and improves circulation.
25 Min
RON 130.00
Aroma Relax
The warm oils massage provides full revitalization of the entire body while refreshing the senses through aromatherapy, resulting in ultimate relaxation.
50 Min
RON 220.00
Intuitiv 50 min.
This is a freestyle massage which gives the therapist the freedom to combine various massage techniques based on the guest’s personal needs.. The result is a healing, tailored therapy.
50 Min
RON 270.00
Hot Stone 75 min.
Using traditional ayurvedic medicine techniques, the hot volcanic rock massage offers spectacular results through the relaxation, balance and revitalization of the body. The soft stones of various sizes are applied on the body starting from the extremities through to the trunk following the main centres of energy.
75 Min
RON 370.00
Thali Stones
Offering a deep relaxation and energy reinstating effect, this therapy starts with a body peeling session using Thal’ion products: Vent de Sable, Tentation Cristaline, and sea salt. The next step consists of a back massage and the application of a set of volcanic rocks along the spine, followed by an overall relaxation massage.
75 Min
RON 390.00
Anti Cellulite
A massage which fights cellulite and melts away that “orange peel” look on thighs, legs, abs and buttocks. Massaging affected areas with slimming lotions improves the skin’s elasticity, boosting at the same time the flexibility of the subcutaneous tissues and improving circulation
25 Min
RON 160.00
Back Pain Therapy
The massage techniques employed eliminate joint tension and back pain caused by the lack of physical exercise or by certain spine issues. A set of physical exercises in the massage room is followed by a massage of the back.
25 Min
RON 140.00
Head & Neck
This type of massage is especially used to relieve pain which affects the head and neck area. The effect is refreshing and relaxing.
20 Min
RON 110.00